Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Rowdy Rathore (2012)

Let me say this out upfront: Rowdy Rathore does not make a lick of sense. Seriously, looking for logic in the film is like looking for a strand of hay in a stack of needles. It is a needlessly excruciating exercise. Instead, if you choose to look beyond its nonsensical plot and simply lay back and enjoy the silliness of it all, you will have a jolly good time. 

Watching the film is like going through a time machine and landing up in the 1980s. This is the kind of cinema that made the careers of people like Jeetendra, Mithun and the like. Prabhudeva sticks steadfastly to the formula, with minimal reinvention for a modern audience. The audacity and confidence with which he does this is the prime reason why the film works. The dhinchak naach gaana, the dhamaakedaar lines, the copious jokes and the insane, over the top action is enough to keep you entertained for the most part. The villains are appropriately disgusting and ferocious and it is a delight to watch them meet their end at the hands of the hero(es). The production values are high, particularly the camerawork and production design.

The true hero of this film are the dialogues. They are full on taali maaro, seeti bajao type dialogues. Sonakshi Sinha is just eye candy. Her face is more expressive when she is dancing than when she is acting. Akshay Kumar is back in action, and he fits the part well. That isn't to say that he deserves any award for this, but he does deserve credit for not imitating Salman and playing to his own strengths. After all, only Salman has managed to pull off films like this in recent memory. This is hands down the most entertaining film Akshay has done in several years. Paresh Ganatra is hilarious as the sidekick. Nasser makes for a truly sick villain.

You will notice that I haven't explained the plot. Why bother I say? It's not like it is going to change anybody's minds. Those who are going for this film are well aware of what they are going for. Those not going, unless they are forced, will stay clear either way. I knew what I was going for. And with those expectations, I had a pretty good time.To use my favourite alliteration, this is pure, pulpy, popcorn entertainment.

Rating: 3/5

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